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My dear customers, clients, and friends,

While the closing of the storefront will mean we'll no longer be open to the public, our online store and training programs will continue for you as they always have. Because our focus will be once again solely online, we can give our complete attention to making your online shopping experiences with us better than ever.

Though we are now online exclusively, we will continue to be a very supportive and local small business. We are Napa natives, and we employ Napa residents and provide them with comprehensive health insurance; but as a small local business we will still need your support in this tough economy. You are important to us in every way and we want to be sure that you know how appreciated you are for your support over these past two years and for your continued support through your online purchases.

And more good News for you...
10% off Through February 2013 & Free Shipping Forever!

Local Napa businesses and customers need to stick together and one of the ways we want to give back to you is to offer you FREE SHIPPING on every order you place with us online.

No strings!

No time limits! No strings! Just something we'll always be doing for our Napa customers so that you can still get your sage, candles, incense, crystals and all of the other beautiful things we have at the same cost as you would be paying as if you'd come into the store. If we're shipping to a 94558 or 94559 zip code, your order will be shipped to you at absolutely no charge.

The same friendly faces you've come to know and trust at Sacred Mists Shoppe will be lovingly packing your order. We want every box you open to remind you of the wonderful feeling you now get walking through our doors, smelling the amazing scents and feeling the energy of our staff. While we realize it won't be quite the same, we can promise you that you will find everything else and more in our online store which is available to you 24/7 every day of the year.

We are also offering our loyal customers a coupon for 10% OFF your online purchases, good through February 2013! Just visit and shop for your favorite products, and use the code SHOPNAPA @ checkout time.

Again, I want to personally thank you for your patronage and support over the past two years. We have all met many of you and spoken with you personally, finding that our collective spirituality runs deep in the Napa Valley. It's been a blessing to share the physical journey with you, and we are all looking forward to sharing what's coming next for Sacred Mists Shoppe.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving you at our online store in the near future!

With the warmest of blessings and greatest of love,

Rev. Lorien Carrillo, Owner
and all of the Sacred Mists Shoppe team,
Margaux, Julie, Jo-alle, Justin, Lilyth, & Shauna


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